Like the average guy in their 20s, Joseph loves beer. So we came up with a great birthday cake idea to make his 26th birthday something really special; a cake that pours real beer!

We started by baking a sumptuous white chocolate and raspberry sponge, and generously filled it with the best raspberry jam and real buttercream.

After shaping like an actual keg, we covered the cake in the finest Belgian white chocolate ganache, and finally sugar paste. 

Then we got to work making it look the real deal. By the time we were finished with decoration, the wood effect looked stunning. 

We even managed to brand the beer barrel as Peroni Nastro Azzurro - one of Joseph's favourite beers!

But the real secret of the cake is the beer that really pours! It proved to be the ultimate surprise. We can't give away our secrets, but check out the video of the pump in action. 

If you would like to order a crazy personalised novelty birthday cake, then get in contact with us!