9 Things You Need To Know About Wedding Cakes


We're serving up a healthy slice of all the wedding cake tips you need to know! 


1. Keep it odd

As with most design work, odd tier numbers tend to look best. Hence the classic 3 tier wedding cake!


2. Tall doesn't mean crazy expensive

Nobody wants to be a dummy. Apart from wedding cakes, that is. Tall wedding cakes look amazing, but unless you're actually feeding the 5000 you don't need it all made from cake. Add a dummy tier for your grand design and we'll decorate it so nobody will ever know!

A well balanced 3 tier cake... it doesn't all have to be real cake though!

A well balanced 3 tier cake... it doesn't all have to be real cake though!


3. Kitchen cakes - the best kept secret

Want a small cake but want it to feed all your guests? No problem. We'll just wave our magic wand and bake a separate kitchen cake to keep away from prying eyes. We'll cover it in the same icing as the cake you cut, and it will be served to all of your cake-hungry guests. 

And the best bit? Everybody eats cake but it's MUCH cheaper!


4. Beware of Poison Ivy

Flowers look great on wedding cakes. But beware! Some flowers are actually poisonous! So if you're thinking of having fresh flowers on your cake, make sure they won't kill your vibe. Literally. 

Fresh flowers look beautiful on wedding cakes

Fresh flowers look beautiful on wedding cakes

Thankfully when we make flowers they're made out of tasty sugar. And when using fresh flowers, we'll collaborate directly with your florist.


5.  The proof is in the tasting

Yeah, we all want a beautiful wedding cake. But remember at the end of the day it's going to get eaten. So make sure the flavours you go for are what you like! Which leads us to...  


6. Forget your guests 

Okay don't actually forget them. But too many people worry about being "safe". Newsflash - you don't need a tier of Vanilla just because it's middle of the road. If you like carrot cake then your guests are just going to have to like carrot cake too! 


7.  Trade up Tradition

Traditional white wedding cakes look beautiful. But if you want to get noticed in 2018, it's time to switch it up with something a bit more personal! 

Silhouette cakes are increasingly popular

Silhouette cakes are increasingly popular

Crazy novelty cakes that are in - tell your story in silhouettes, beach scenes or even comic book characters.  

And don't get caught up on round or square - we can make pretty much any shaped cake you like!  


8. Know your portions

Not all portions are equal. While all cake makers will give estimates of how many portions your cake makes, these quotes are typically just for a sample size piece of cake, not a real decent slice. 

So when you have your consultation make sure you consider whether you want your cake to be a dessert, sample size tasters or both!


9. Don't just trust anyone

No pressure, but this probably will be the happiest day of your life (so far). So make sure that you find a cake maker that will deliver the real deal. 

Just because your Mum has a friend that "does loads of cakes" don't necessarily go with them..

After all you don't want a wedding cake disaster! They really do happen - check out these here

Thankfully you can trust us to make your amazing wedding cake. You'll meet with us before, for a free cake consultation, and we'll talk through the ideas to make your cake special. 


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