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Car Cakes

All of our cakes with an automotive theme

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Helmet Cakes

The Dellissima signature, a full size helmet made entirely of cake!



In addition to our cakes, we also make some pretty tasty slices too! Have a look below for our current range.

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All our characters are fully edible


As a family, we are all sport fanatics, especially motorsport! We love Formula 1, Moto GP, Indycar, Le Mans, World Rallying Championships, football, cricket, skiing, cycling, swimming and many more. This is why, when asked to create a sports cake, we know what is important. That’s why when we made a cricket cake, we knew to include the little extras that give meaning to the cricket fans.

Our Formula 1 cakes, made with edible models of the cars, are full of detail, including the most up to date car wings and nose cones. My sons, like myself, are perfectionists. We have to see the smaller details in the cakes. That is what sets us apart from other cake decorators. We really do love what we do, which results in a great cake for you!


Christening Cakes

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