When Justin asked us for a cake for his wife Louise themed on The Walking Dead, we knew we were in a bit of trouble. Sure enough, as someone who has a pathological fear of zombies this cake was the ultimate challenge...


Despite a lot of wincing and a few troubled nights sleep, we came up with the ultimate gore cake for Louise to celebrate her 28th birthday - complete with edible body parts, blood and even the infamous barbed wire baseball bat “Lucille”!


Despite the intimidating look, this was actually a chocolate mega cake!


We started with a chocolate sponge, made with the flour from our local windmill. We then covered the cake in the finest Belgian white chocolate ganache, and drizzled with homemade jam for the blood effect.

Then we made a start on the zombie fingers, complete with cuts, grazes and rotten nails. They look disgusting but taste quite delicious! 

We finished the cake off with a zombie figure, axe, and the infamous barbed wire baseball bat “Lucille”. We even added the Louise's name in The Walking Dead font to add that final touch. 

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