We wanted to make sure that Luke and Lilly's birthday really was a sweet sixteenth - so what better way than this gravity-defying mega chocolate cake!?

The finished masterpiece!

The finished masterpiece!

The cake is our signature moist chocolate cake - a recipe that we believe is our best. We smoothed the cake off with our finest ganache, and drizzled pure chocolate indulgence down each side. 

Take a look at some of the detail...

The mixture of white and milk chocolate oozes down the side of the cake. On top, we've used Nestle Pick & Mix - a mouth watering combination of Smarties, Aero bubbles, Toffee Crisp bite size and Rolos. And for good measure, we threw a few Maltesers on too!

We created our own chocolate shards to make the cake even more spectacular and daring! It really is chocolate heaven!

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