Six year old Zack loves the Willy Wonka films - especially the 2005 version featuring Johnny Depp so we made him this fantastic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired cake!

We baked our Signature Chocolate Cake, and delicately hand carved it into the right shape. Then, we filled it with chocolate buttercream and strawberry jam, and covered in Belgian chocolate ganache. Finally, we covered the cake entirely with Swiss Massa Ticino Tropic sugarpaste - considered to be the best in the business. 

The cake was packed with features! We made candy canes, whirly lollipops, a wonka bar, and even Zack's own golden ticket! All of them were made from sugarpaste, so completely edible. 

A Belgian chocolate ganache river, as seen in the films, flows around the whole cake - truly chocolate heaven!

The cake is really made by the Oompa Loompas - all five of them! We just couldn't resist bringing some of the old original Oompa Loompas back to work with some of the new ones in our special chocolate factory!

We finished the cake of with a towering Willy Wonka at the top of the cake. All of our figures were made entirely out of sugarpaste by hand, making them not only cute, but also very edible.

If you would like your own bit of chocolate heaven the get in contact with us, and let's get creating the masterpiece!