Stuck for cake ideas?

Picture the scene. An important birthday is approaching for somebody you’re really close to. Like really close to. You’re in charge of the cake. 

Maybe you’re making it yourself, or ordering it from a professional cake maker - it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re in charge of the design

The cake that’s yet to be baked is a beautiful blank canvas. It can be anything you want it to be. 

But your mind goes blank. You’ve got absolutely no idea what it should look like. 

Yet fear not. Read our guide and your cake problems will be solved!


1. Get personal

First, you need a concept. Step into your mum/dad/wife/brother’s shoes. What are they interested in and what do they like? Maybe draw a brainstorm of a few ideas.


2. Keep the theme simple

When it comes to cake design, less is often more. Just because your brother likes motorbikes, beer and Emmerdale, it doesn’t mean the cake needs to have all of it. 

Each one of those themes could make an amazing cake (okay, maybe not Emmerdale… only joking!), but together it would look messy. So pick one theme and flesh out the concept! 


3. Don’t be conventional

Beer barrel birthday cake

It’s a special occasion, so it deserves a special cake. Be creative and ambitious! Again, brainstorm a few ideas. 

Let’s use beer as an example. How about a drizzle cake, with a gravity defying beer bottle pouring caramel sauce over the cake?! Or maybe a beer keg cake that actually pours real beer?! 

Talk with your family and friends, and decide which option to go for. 


4. Remember - taste matters too

We all love a cake that looks fantastic, but remember that ultimately it needs to taste good too. So don't plan anything that might compromise the overall quality of the finished product.


Thankfully at Dellissima Cakes we are committed to making amazing looking cakes that taste incredible too. So get in contact with us today and let's get creating the cake of your dreams!